Computer Repair

Tune up and service
Computer is like a car, after countless hour of rough use, eventually we need to tune it up so that it can run at its maximum again like new. We offer free 1 year internet security with every service done here.

Virus Removal
Is your computer running slower? Is any unwanted pop-ups appearing on your screen? Chances are your PC may have virus affected. We specialist in spyware and virus removal and can remove even the nastiest of dangerous software - including the ones your antivirus software can't!

HDD & Memory upgrade
If your computer is running slow and out of storage, we can help. We can increase more storage to hold more of your personal data. More memory to increase the speed

Battery & Chargers
We have a wide range of battery and chargers for every model. Original quality to ensure best preferment.

Data Backup & Recovery
We hope you will never require your backup, but if you do, we will make certain that restoring your business to normal working sequence is as smooth a procedure as possible. We provide data backup & recovery solutions for businesses in a huge spectrum of industries, with diverse security needs. What we are trying to explain is: we are here to back you up.

Overheating Issue
Get overheating issues with your PC, MacBook or laptop solved by our professionals. We expel the grease and dust from the inside of your laptop, MacBook or the PC desktop computer. The thermal paste which transmits the heat from the graphic card and processor to the heatsink and fan will be restored. Your computer will be ready within hours for collection, if only the cooling fan does not require to be replaced.

Liquid Damage
If your computer has been damaged by water or any other form of the liquid, you will desire to find out quick if it can be fixed. We are computer repair specialists, and can find the ideal solution to the problem. We are professionals in computer phone repair, and if your computer’s been destroyed by liquid, we can tell you whether or not your computer is recoverable.

jack repair
A power jack is a hardware sector in laptops, which is precisely attached to the power system of the hardware. Whenever you connect to the DC plug into the power jack, your battery begins charging. A faulty power jack or plug can cause a lot of problems especially if you are working on some instant project. Our professionals will assist you big time in DC jack repair.

 BGA/ Motherboard repair
We are one of the few repair centers with BGA/ Motherboard repair in their centers. This unit can expel any chip involving Northbridge or Southbridge controller and VGA graphics chips. With this repair station, we are able to fix laptops where others fail.

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